Guide for Buying a Weekend Home in Hyderabad

The demand for Weekend home in hyderabad has increased recently, and rightfully so among urban homebuyers. Nowadays, there is a trend that after one’s primary housing need for shelter is met, they acquire a holiday home, sometimes a vacation home or a second home. There is a strong urge to escape from the routine and seek leisure due to the increasing commotion of everyday life in a metropolis. It is the place that people use as a home to unwind or go on weekend trips, and it may also be used as a peaceful refuge during the years after retirement for family get together.

These residences are often favourable at a short distance from the city, surrounded by nature, that provides a tranquil retreat in greener, more welcoming areas, such as hill stations, shrines or other places of worship, or beachside communities. Moreover, people like to do real estate investment in a weekend home in Hyderabad with only a few hours’ drives, buses, or train rides away from their residential home. Therefore, people search for certain aspects in their weekend houses, such as connectivity, recreational infrastructure, plenty of vegetation, and peaceful surroundings.

Weekend home in Hyderabad used to be a luxury that only a few selected could afford. Still, in recent years we have witnessed a growth in the number of inexpensive homes in communities created as weekend getaways. Here are a few things to consider if you want to buy a weekend home in Hyderabad.

Features of Weekend Home in Hyderabad

Location is crucial.

Even if it’s a weekend home, location is one of the most crucial factors to consider when purchasing a second home. Along with a steady supply of necessities and resources nearby, you should also pay attention to locations with rising expenses. An investment will yield a strong return on a development that offers adequate connectivity, social infrastructure in the form of shops and restaurants, and proximity to picturesque tourist attractions along with farm lands.

Don’t go above your budget.

The concept of a pleasant weekend home is wholly opposed to purchasing a property that strains your finances. Keep maintenance and upkeep expenditures in mind when weighing the pros and drawbacks of buying a weekend home in Hyderabad. Search for weekend homes with property management services, so your house is cared for even while you are not there.

Keep an eye out for more than simply a place to live.

Consider what the development offers while narrowing down your selection of weekend home in Hyderabad. Then, consider the experiences you can have besides your housing unit. Depending on your budget, you may choose from a studio apartment to a duplex or a villa. Since these residences have been intended to coexist peacefully with nature with farm lands. Keeping things simple is a no-frills approach to nailing the decor of your weekend house. Avoid using too many home appliances & accessories. Instead, possess only those appliances that are necessary for a comfortable stay.

Select a reputable developer

Make your purchase ideally from a reputable developer to ensure all aspects, including land title, building permits, construction quality, maintenance, and development management over the long term, are in order. If a development you invest in does not manage its desirable lifestyle experiences properly over time, it will contradict the point of purchasing a weekend home in Hyderabad.

Be reasonable about your goals and requirements

When choosing the type of housing that best meets your needs, you should Decorate using low-maintenance items. Buyers should plan their weekend home to provide the most comfort and the least amount of work. Remember that you will only use this house for vacations, so stay away from materials and furnishings that demand all of your focus. Stick to textiles that are simple to care for, like cotton, as upholstered furniture will likely require frequent washing and maintenance.

Additionally, wrap your furniture and accessories in a thin piece of fabric before you leave the house to get caught up in the frantic rat race to reduce the cleaning you need to do when you get back. Finally, spend a lot of time outlining your needs while shopping for a weekend house. For example, if you’re looking for a retirement community, you might need to search the neighbourhood for medical facilities. Look for a weekend house in Hyderabad just around a day’s travel from your current residence if you need a place so that you can do weekend trips.

Take your time for research

It’s a good idea to visit the area where you want to buy your house at various times. The seaside may be gorgeous in coastal places, but it may not be perfect during monsoon season. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the terrain and what to anticipate in each season to avoid disappointment later.

Retain Greenery

Are you thinking about elegant plants? Excellent—nothing provides a more calming and fresh touch than plants. However, like everything else, be careful to spend your money on varieties that require little maintenance and can withstand extended periods of neglect. Hardy plants like bougainvillaea, tropical evergreens like crotons, various types of palm trees, and vibrant caladiums are excellent choices. These plants will be ok if you remember to trim and water them each time you come. Next, create your rock garden, replete with various cacti and other plants or grass slabs with different decor suggestions. Again, it looks lovely and requires almost no upkeep.

Think carefully before making a decision

Weekend home buyers in Hyderabad must carefully consider the choice to purchase a weekend house. If you are impulsive, you can find yourself with a farm house plots that doesn’t suit your needs and ends up costing you money. So, take your time and find a weekend home with which you can identify best. Before making the down payment and receiving the keys to the new weekend house, you should conduct as much research as you like.

Select local resources

Finally, always try to use materials that are readily available locally when creating your weekend house. It will save your expenditures and guarantee that your weekend home in Hyderabad is constructed in a manner most suited to the site.

Pros of buying a Weekend home

  • You’ll be able to take a break from your regular responsibilities and swap your living space for somewhere new, which might help you feel less stressed and more like you’re on vacation.
  • You can frequently visit your weekend property for social events like hosting friends and relatives. Compared to regular social events at your permanent home, visitors will often recall these visits with much more joy and pleasure.
  • In addition, your kids will develop a more comprehensive perspective by becoming familiar with a place different from their immediate surroundings.

Cons of a Weekend home

  • Managing a weekend property adds to your financial and administrative burdens. In addition, it can restrict your ability to visit new locations and see strange sights and cultures.
  • When and when not to go may lead to family disagreements. For example, there may be conflicts between your desire to travel and your obligations to stay home and participate in other activities, such as a friend’s birthday celebrations.
  • Finally, it won’t be feasible to predict with certainty when you’ll be able to sell your weekend property in time for a fair price.


The real estate market for “weekend home in Hyderabad” has seen significant shifts and is considered a fantastic alternative to resorts and hotels. What was a well-liked investment option among HNIs that began to gain traction among middle-class purchasers? Developers adjusted their property offerings in response to the demand shift to appeal to purchasers in the mid-segment.

These residences include a fully equipped kitchen and laundry facilities, a private pool, internet access, and other entertainment equipment, along with contemporary features like a private golf course, themed gardens, and an elegant clubhouse while being more reasonably priced than ultra-luxury homes. After retirement, certain people may use a weekend or second house as a residence. Many people even earn extra money by renting out their houses while they aren’t being used.

The hospitality industry in India has altered due to the recent trend of renting out vacation houses rather than staying in a five-star hotel. It has increased people’s awareness of the value of owning and caring for real estate. The weekend stay business has prospered due to the rising desire for luxury and space, and this sector will continue to advance and flourish in the future due to the increasing demand.

Weekend home in Hyderabad have a promising future since a lavish lifestyle is the primary sign of wealth in the nation. Shortly, the market will expand and draw more investors. However, you are encouraged to consider your financial situation before investing as a buyer.

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