Top Amenities To Look For In a Luxury Home

Most people these days would love to live an ultra-luxury lifestyle with posh cars, and getaway homes, vacation in Positano, spend long hours taking luxurious baths in bathtubs, and cruise through different countries in cruises and have candlelight dinners in Paris, touring through vineyards and whatnot!

The list is non-exhaustive. We all want to incorporate such wondrous amenities into our homes. Having a few or most of these amenities will heighten the homes’ prices, making them luxury homes.

People from different walks of life such as businessmen, high net-worth individuals, NRIs, and people with high-paying jobs prefer buying or renovating their homes to turn them into luxurious ones. It is all about prioritizing luxury amenities, as a house will only turn into a home when the person living in it is content, happy, and peaceful! Don’t we all agree that “home is where the heart is“?

Here are a few of the luxury amenities that are popular with home buyers for a luxurious house:

In-home Lifts:

In-home Lifts

Though a little old concept, almost all luxury villas in Hyderabad now come equipped with In-home lifts, as usually, these luxury houses will be their forever homes. These lifts are considered a significant advantage in villas and duplex homes as staircases can be inaccessible by a few people because of old age or some underlying complications. Wouldn’t it be great if everything is easy access to your parents? It also increases property value if you are planning to sell the villa in the future. Some may find it necessary to have an in-home lift, but it can be a luxury for some.

At-home Saunas:

At-home Saunas

Home buyers also ask for modern amenities such as saunas as it’s ultra-premium. It adds significantly to the expenditure, but once constructed, it can add tremendous value to the villa. These saunas are generally the size of a small room and are conveniently placed in larger washrooms close to the showering unit.

They are great investments as they rarely require maintenance apart from periodical mopping. Public saunas can be crowded and also are a significant threat to privacy. Saunas are a great way of getting rid of toxins from the body naturally. They provide great relaxation to sore muscles and relieve Arthritic pains. They help reduce your stress after a long day in the office.

Waterfalls or Water Fountains:

Waterfalls or Water Fountains

These eye-catching features are making a comeback not only in luxury home designs but also in luxurious apartments. They are beautiful to add to homes. They are not only splendid to look at but are also therapeutic to listen to the gushing sounds of the flowing waters. They can be placed anywhere in the homes. People prefer having water fountains in living spaces, front yards, or backyards. And some people like having faux waterfalls in their bedrooms and washrooms.

Water fountains are usually part of luxury apartment interiors; they can be an excellent choice for luxury homes. Not only in homes, but these are also part of the luxury apartment designs.

Home Bar:

A room turned into a wine cellar

Don’t we all enjoy a good Whiskey on the rocks or a chilled Beer after a hectic day at work? We all love to host parties and entertain family and friends. But where do you store your fine Alcohol at? Mini or home Bars are a great addition to homes as they are pretty exciting and make a good conversation starter over a few Gin and Tonics.

People who enjoy Alcohol are opting to have a bar at their homes as they can be spoilt for choice. Even simple house designs have a bar corner these days. You can have an extensive stash collection in your vicinity and pre-plan a party well.

A room turned into a wine cellar:

Home Bar

Did you know that Sula Vineyards spread across 3000 acres in Nasik, Maharashtra is the largest vineyard and is being considered “The Napa Valley of India”? People prefer drinking wine as it is a class apart and leaves a pleasant aftertaste. Since the consumption of wine has increased, many choose to have an extensive collection of different types of wines to be showcased in their home.

A few prefer to convert rooms into wine cellars or a big closet to be converted into a wine cellar. This is an ultra-premium amenity usually seen in mega-mansions. Many people also prefer having wine coolers in their homes too.

Lap Pools:

Lap Pools

When the yard space is limited, home buyers opt to have lap pools as they are much space conscious, easier to install, and cost less than their larger counterparts. This kind of pool is excellent for everyday swimmers. Apart from lap pools, indoor swimming pools or fully-fledged swimming pools are available. Hosting parties is so much fun when you have a pool! They are an excellent choice for spending time with family and friends. Also, modern luxury apartments have pools for residents on the rooftops or somewhere close to the apartment complex.

Think about it! It would be such a pleasant summer, having kids or your friends at the pool, chilling with some mimosas in your hands.

Outdoor Kitchen:

Outdoor Kitchen

Barbecuing food is such a fun and eventful time. Don’t we all love barbecuing stuff? Just think that you are having a pool party, and you want to grill food, serve them quickly, and be a part of the gathering. Obviously, you just can’t keep going in and out of your home. Having an outdoor kitchen will save you all the hassle and all those unnecessary trips to your indoor kitchen. These outdoor kitchens are well-equipped with barbecue grills, a sink, gas burners, a refrigerator, and a few cabinets for storage. This is an excellent amenity for an ultra-luxury residence.



After a tiring day at work, do you crave some quiet, alone time? Do you find the need to calm yourself and relax? Where will you go? A library is your answer! A library is the best place to unwind from that stress. Many kids have started picking up books again thanks to fictional series like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and the Twilight Saga. There are a lot of avid readers that love reading and can’t put down books.

Having a library in your home will be such a good move as you will learn good things and acquire information. If you have kids in your family, they can form a habit of reading, which will be very helpful for them in the long run. Some shelving units, especially for books, are being placed or provided in all kinds of homes. Libraries are also part of luxury apartment interiors.

Home theaters:

home theators

A cinema room at home has been quite fruitful during and post-pandemic as almost everyone enjoys going to the movie public theaters to watch movies. Though it was an ultra-luxurious amenity a few years back, nearly all modern homes have theatre rooms now. It’s still a luxurious amenity as it can be topped with unique features like a popcorn unit, comfy beds, a thick carpet and blackout curtains for soundproofing, and a magnificent surround sound unit.

You will enjoy having a home theater room as it’s convenient and gives you the comforts of home. It is also considered a gamer’s retreat, as it can be used to play video games. It can be a great place to hang out with friends and family.

Jacuzzi bathtubs:

jacuzzi bathtubs

Jacuzzi-style bathtubs have built-in jets that slowly circulate water, creating a soothing sensation and providing hydrotherapy due to its messaging effect on the people using the jacuzzi. Taking luxurious baths refreshes the skin, and it also helps to improve lung, heart, and muscular functions. Though jacuzzis were a hit in mansion luxury bedrooms, they now sell like hotcakes in the market for luxury homes and luxury buildings.

Many luxurious amenities can be constructed for a lavish lifestyle in a luxury home. But before building or making the purchase, check the best residential areas in Hyderabad to have a place set for moving and then consider the interior design for the home. You can also invest in amenities like tennis courts, Gazebos, and lotus ponds. Human wants are endless but try to be directional in what you want in your luxury home.

Massively Spaced Bedrooms:

Massively Spaced Bedrooms:

Comfort and tranquillity are the primary factors that come to our minds when we think about bedrooms. This is where all the magic happens. We all want our bedrooms personalized, spacious, and suited to our standards. A large king-sized bouncy bed with lush and silk beddings. Perfectly asymmetrical bedside tables and an elaborated settee to sit and think about wondrous things. You can also dim the lights and play subtle and soft music to calm yourself. These things and more make a splendorous room. Spacious bedrooms make a luxury home a little less crowded and highly practical.

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