Texture Paint Designs For Your Home

Royal Texture Paint Design

Texture Paint Designs For Your Home: Your home should be the most comfortable location in the world for you. The place you call your home should be a reflection of your personality. That is why putting in the effort to design it correctly makes sense. Painting the walls, for example, is an essential aspect of decorating your home. However, you must exercise caution when selecting the paint.

Textured paint designs are popular right now, and practically every home has textured wall paint in one or more areas. The finished art work is textured and not smooth, as the name suggests. It adds a 3D effect to the wall and makes it stand out.

You may select from modern, stylish, child-friendly, or royal texture paint wall schemes for the hall, bedroom, or other space. Textures of this type can be created by manipulating the putty or using tools to create patterns and distinctions on the painted surface.

Types of different texture paints designs available:

Popcorn Wall Paint Texture:

The popcorn texture is one of the oldest wall texture paints applied in homes for a very long time. This type of wall texture is usually seen in simple house designs. This paint texture is created by a Hopper Gun to make a thick layer of texture on the wall that resembles the appearance of popcorn.

Skip Trowel Texture Paint:

One of the most convenient types of texture paints that can be used to create rustic-looking walls is Skip Trowel texture. It is made by spreading a thin layer of plaster of Paris (POP) using a trowel knife and creating random patterns with very light strokes that skip some surface areas. Royal painting designs are created using this technique,using metallic colours on matte-coloured walls.

Knockdown Texture Paint Designs:

This texture is created by applying a base coat of paint on the wall and letting it dry. After the paint is dry, the texture is created by knocking down the paint at random points on the surface of the wall with the help of a painting knife. This technique is mainly used in bedroom wall textures.

Combing Wall Texture:

The combing wall texture is created by repeatedly carving on the wall at particular angles using a comb trowel tool to create a set of grouped lines. It is used as exterior texture paint designs for elevation.

Slap Brush Texture Paint:

This wall texture design is created using special brushes. These brushes create different textures as they create distinctive thin-lined designs. The desired effect is achieved by slapping the brush across the wall’s surface.

Sand Swirl Texture:

The sand swirl texture consists of a swirl design usually created in repeating circular motion. This texture is created with the help of two people; one person applies a primer mixed with sand to the wall, and the other makes a swirl texture. This technique is used for exterior and elevation texture designs.

Here are 10 different trendy textured wall paint options for your home:

1. Olive Green Rough Texture:

Olive Green colour comes from a soothing colour palette. This colour paint texture is a rage in minimalist society as it is simple and relaxing and accentuates the space without actually needing any decor. This colour scheme adds serenity to the room and makes you feel closer to nature than in a concrete area.

2. Golden and Beige Texture Design Wall Paint:

If you own luxury homes, you can add extra bling and glam by adding gold and beige texture design. Gold looks grandeur and grabs attention; there will be praise in your way!

3. Texture Paint Designs with Motifs:

If you are looking for texture ideas for walls, then adding motifs is a great choice. But ensure that the texture is not too rough, as the motifs do not sit well. Adding motifs is an excellent way to show off your artistic side or add a traditional touch.

4. Pastels Textured Paint Designs:

Pastel shades are totally in these days. Pastel walls make the space expansive and bring a lot of light into the room. If you are considering buying a villa in Hyderabad, paint the living room wall, texture design for hall using pastel shades.

5. Classic White Texture Paint Designs:

A simple wall putty design will look good and provide a rustic feel to your home. You can always upgrade the simple white texture paint by adding structure to the wall to have a 3D effect but mute it down by keeping it all white. This kind of rustic texture paint design looks highly professional and classy and will look good in the office space in your home.

6. Metallic Texture Paint Designs:

An accent wall with metallic texture looks highly chic and elegant. These royal painting designs are everyone’s favourite entryway pick as they look grand and magnificent. Such textures add the oomph status to the home and set a theme. Try picking wall texture designs that will give first expressions.

7. Ombre Texture Paint Design:

A new trend within minimalist society is the use of Ombre textured walls. It is a fantastic way to add warmth and interest while keeping the design simple and neutral. It is created by blending and fading from a dark to a lighter colour palette while moving upward. Hues of the same colour family are usually preferred. This technique adds depth to the structure of wall painting.

8. Cross-Hatch Texture Paint:

The cross-hatch texture paint design is a good choice for an accent wall with a retro-themed room or area. A simple piece of plastic attains this technique.

9. Cracked and Peeling Texture Paint Designs:

This texture rustic paint design is created using different textures and tools. This technique makes your accent wall look dramatic and rustic, creating a secretive environment. This technique is a rage in studio apartments.

10. Grainy Texture Paint Design:

If you want to hang art or mirrors on the wall of your home, a simple, mono-coloured grainy texture paint design for the wall will make the art and mirrors stand out. This technique is created by picking at the wall putty until it turns grainy and then painting over it.


Painting your home is one of the least expensive ways to increase your home’s oomph level. Texture Paint designs are an excellent way to portray your style and personality. Texture designs are trendy right now; these are easy ways to add soul to your rooms. You can use texture design ideas in your living room, bedroom, or any other space that needs uplifting.

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