10 Simple House Designs to buy your New Home

simple house design

Do you remember traveling to your grandparents’ home in your childhood? Having fun and laughter in every corner of the house? Playing hide and seek with your cousins? That smell of old musky walls? Those scars that you have from all the adventurous detours? Does this not make you close your eyes and smile? Don’t you feel nostalgia? Reminiscing about childhood is such a beautiful thing. What do you get reminded of all this? The simple house designs we had a few generations prior. This reminds you of how simple things were. No overly-exposed technology, not thinking about the likes that your post has on Instagram, nor thinking about what the future holds.

Wouldn’t you want the same things for your future generations? For them to have similar ways of living? For them to have all of the old-school styles of living? Choosing the right home design is paramount.

Here are a few Simple house designs to buy your new home.

Courtyard-styled homes:

Courtyard-styled homes:\

A courtyard home is a type of house where the house is built surrounding a central courtyard. A courtyard is a fully open roof or partially covered space without walls that allow direct sunlight. The idea of the courtyard was also dictated by the tropical climate, allowing for cross ventilation, insulation from extreme weather patterns, and lighting up the space from within.

The courtyard would give the impression of outdoor space because of the open rooftop. They are simple house designs that provide a socializing place for the family. It symbolized subcontinental life, a sustainable solution to the blazing hot tropical sun, and spacious accommodation for the many members of the joint family. Village house designs are returning as people want to settle in traditional homes.

Over time, the courtyard home gradually gave way to smaller apartments, bowing to urban necessities and population growth, but it has now scripted a comeback in a thoroughly modern format.



A bungalow is a low-pitched roof with a simple single-floor house design, usually surrounded by wide verandas. The term bungalow is derived from the word Bangla which means a house in Bengal style.”

Bungalows are similar to mansions but slightly smaller regarding square feet and land. They have inviting front sit-outs, shaded by roof overhangs held by visible beams.

Bungalows provide the luxury of living in spacious homes and gorgeous gardens to sit out and enjoy the greenery while sipping a cup of tea. They have patterned floors, carved pillars, jhala walls, and wood used in their building.

Bungalows provide good sunlight and breeze. They are naturally low-budget, simple house designs compared to villas, as they are multi-storied.

People living on the city’s outskirts are opting to build bungalow simple house designs, as such homes provide ample space for circular activities and a pollution-free environment.

Farmhouse simple house design:

Farmhouse simple house design:

Farmhouses are residential kind of homes located in an agricultural environment. Farmhouses are great getaway homes. They are excellent investments, and good returns can be acquired. Farmhouses are also rented out for commercial reasons such as weddings and family and friends’ gatherings.

Farmhouses can be small and straightforward or large and exuberant. They have an extended front porch, providing an area for socializing and making an excellent pondering place as they offer good scenic views of the agricultural lands. People are buying second or vacation homes with added benefits of organic farming, spending peaceful time in nature, and hosting parties.

Farmhouses are the Best real estate in Hyderabad, as this beautiful city’s land value is ever-growing. Farmhouses are usually simple low-cost village house designs that can be affordable by many people. Land value is high, but constructing a simple farmhouse costs less.

Row houses:

row houses

A row house is a house among a series of identical units with the same facade. They are a popular housing option as they are affordable, attractively designed, and compact.

A row house design combines the designs and benefits of a Bungalow and a flat. The architecture for all row houses is identical. They provide the benefits of independent living while providing security for the gated communities.

Row houses are always preferred where the balance between luxury and affordability has to be met. These houses are perfect for small families looking for spacious alternatives and a small patch of grass.

Duplex houses:

A duplex house is a house design constructed with two floors. It has the benefit of apartments, where everyone lives under the same roof, but their privacy will not be compromised.

Duplex homes are ideal for joint families. The duplex homes are stylish and very much similar to the flat systems. Although duplex houses have become quite common in Indian real estate, much confusion persists about the duplex house meaning duplex houses are often confused with two-story homes.

A duplex house is always a two-storeyed structure, but only some two-storeyed buildings may be categorized as duplexes. In duplexes, the floors are connected through a staircase, while two-storeyed properties may be independent and may or may not be combined. They are low-budget, simple two-storey house designs when compared to Villas.

Apartments or Flats:

A flat is a type of house with all the basic facilities needed for comfortable living. Usually, apartments are seen in cities and towns. Limitations of land are the reasons for the vertical housing developments.

In order to warm money, a lot of people have demolished their independent houses and built apartment complexes. Many areas qualify as the Best Residential Areas in Hyderabad.

Apartments have become one of the favorite simple house designs. Flats are grouped in many different ways. There can be a single flat per floor or 4 per floor, depending on the square footing of the building.

The apartments that have been built in recent times come with added facilities. They are the best option for the urban population, who want affordable yet modern simple house design.



A penthouse is a flat or unit on the highest floor of an apartment building. Their luxury features differentiate them. Where space and privacy are becoming hard to find amid the rising population, penthouses give a sense of privacy between apartment buildings.

Developers in India mostly have a standard definition; that is, they provide simple house designs, but there is an excellent scope for modifications to create something modern rather than sticking to simple house designs.

Apart from all the extraordinary comforts, such as unobstructed views, and exclusivity, penthouses are associated with a status symbol of the owner. They come with a lofty price tag, but penthouses have a high resale value and could translate to higher returns if you list your property.

The demand for penthouses in Indian real estate has witnessed a spike amid a tremendous rise in wealthy individuals. Despite their increasing popularity in India’s luxury segment, buyers are confused about the exact meaning of a penthouse.

As penthouses are retailed to the wealthy and abundant, the marketing pitch generally focuses on the best-in-class amenities and facilities – fancy indoor fittings, high-tech command devices, and aesthetically pleasing overalls.

Though they are good house designs, penthouses are also more exposed to heat and air than other units in the building. Hence, the interiors of the penthouse could become quite hot in the summer, monsoons could bring a lot of rainfall, and seepage could be expected.


Villas are a type of house in India that boasts luxurious amenities. They usually are expansive areas with front and backyards.

Villas are preferred by people who want the privacy of a Bungalow and the sense of togetherness of the flat systems. Villas can also be built in gated communities with added amenities like a swimming pool, clubhouse, recreational rooms, and gyms.

There are several Villas in Hyderabad. Though villas are not simple house designs, they are hot in the market for all the space and amenities they provide. During Post Pandemic, people are moving to the city’s outskirts to have more space and privacy for their families.

Cottage Styled Homes:

Cottage Styled Homes:

The Cottage-styled homes are beautiful and cozy, single-storey homes with a rustic but comfortable feel. Usually, they are built near beaches, lakes, or mountains.

Cottages are known for their old charms and are often built as summer or vacation homes. These homes have simple house designs but look so extravagant that people love vacationing in these beauties. They are made of stones and wood, with thatched roofs having small porches to sit on.

Not only as Vacation homes, but Cottage styled homes are also widely present in cities and towns of Goa, Ooty, Manali, Shimla, and Nainital. They are normal village house designs. Living in such homes is a dream of many people because of their countryside glamour.

Hut Styled Homes:

Hut-styled homes are low-cost, village house designs that preserve the uniqueness of Rural India’s traditional house settings. These homes have simple house designs and have hut-shaped elevations with slanting or sloping roofs, which are prevalent.

These roofs are great for hilly areas that receive severe rainfall as there is less danger of pooling water, as the rooftop quickly channels the water into the gutters.

Hut-styled homes are great for sheltering people from natural elements, looking stylish, and providing a reliable roof. They are remarkably affordable and provide sustainable living.Hut-styled simple house designs are also used to make rooms on beaches. They can also be built using bamboo, and such shacks can be seen on the shores of Goa.


We all relive the memories we shared growing up with our grandparents and cousins almost daily. We can’t bring back those beautiful times, but we can live like the olden days. Simple house designs can be modified while keeping your requirements in mind, and sustainability can be achieved.

The cost of building a modern simple house design depends on the area where you live, the type of materials used, and the size of your family.

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