10 Must-Follow Vastu Tips for South-Facing Houses

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In the olden days, people preferred building houses from scratch. Do you remember those scenarios where people used to go and stand to inspect every activity of their new construction? The watering of the newly built slab or wall and then waiting for it to sun dry And once again watering it to avoid cracks in the cement and to make it stronger. The smell of that construction site was absolutely mesmerising. No matter the shape and size of the land, Vastu compliance would have been done by the grandfather and the Vastu experts, even if it was the south facing house vastu. 

Unfortunately, these days, most people want to avoid the hassle and buy a basic, structured house and then renovate it or add a personal touch to the interiors. But the question that arises the most is: is it a south facing home? No! South facing houses are not bad omens, and yes, vastu can nullify negative energies. If you like a south facing home, there are vastu remedies that can be considered. Let’s dig deeper!

People mostly prefer an east facing house for construction as it suits almost everyone, but if you are someone whose horoscope tells you to buy a south facing house or if you are someone with piqued interest in Vastu Shastra, then continue reading this blog!

What is Vastu Shastra?

Vastu shastra is a Sanskrit term that literally means “Science of Architecture.” It is a traditional Indian system of architecture based on the ancient scriptures that describe principles of ground preparation, space arrangement, spatial geometry, design, layout, and measurements.

The basic ideology behind the use of Vastu Shastra is to have a good and healthy life without any troubles. Vastu creates and attracts positive cosmic energy and spreads it throughout the house or the construction.

Vastu Shastra works by combining the five basic elements—Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space—to create a peaceful and balanced setting.

Here are the five elements known as “Panchabhootas” and their properties:

  1. Earth holds the centre place, and it brings stability, peace, and harmony to the house.
  2. Water holds the North direction and brings spirituality and healing properties.
  3. Fire holds the South side direction and blesses with power and fame.
  4. Air holds the directions East and Northeast and blesses the home with joy and happiness.
  5. Space holds the westward direction and denotes enhancements and expansions.

Vastu principles, when integrated with architecture, boost health, wealth, and prosperity by making the environment serene and enlightened. It is essential to harness the benefits of the cosmic, lunar, and solar energies for well-being and a boosted life.

Is a south facing house good or bad?

  1. According to the Vastu Shastra, no direction is good or bad.
  2. South is not an inauspicious direction, nor is any direction!
  3. So, is South facing house good? Yes! It is a perfect fit for many home buyers.
  4. The Southern direction receives a lot of its energy from the sun.
  5. South facing homes are considered high-energy homes.
  6. A person with a horoscope showing a strong presence of Mars makes a south facing house perfect.
  7. South facing main door vastu remedies should be followed for a smooth life in south facing homes.

What are the advantages of buying a South facing house?

  1. A south facing house receives ample sunlight throughout the day. Which is not the case in a west facing house vastu plan.
  2. The sun’s rays bring positive energy, good health, and liveliness to your home.
  3. This works best if you live in colder regions.
  4. Since you receive ample sunlight in your home, you would be saving a lot on power consumption.
  5. Since ventilation is good, the air follows well, and you won’t feel overwhelmed.
  6. As it is a south facing home, the plants you have in your garden will receive a lot of sunlight, and they will prosper and give you good blooms.

What are the disadvantages of south facing houses?

  1. Since the amount of sunlight that falls on the house is high, the house may become extremely hot.
  2. You need spacious and open spaces for ventilation.
  3. You need to have ample shaded verandas to balance out the heat.
  4. There are chances of receiving only a few offers if you plan to resell the south facing home in the future.
  5. The doshas need to be cleared, if any, according to the south facing house vastu experts.

Here are some of south facing house vastu tips to keep in mind

As we have brushed up on the basics of a South facing house, let’s check out the remedies for a south facing house.

South facing main door vastu remedies

  1. The entrance to your home controls the flow of energy into the home.
  2. If you want to rectify a vastu for south facing house, place the entrance door in the South-East direction and strictly avoid the South-West direction.
  3. The ideal locations for the main entrance in a south facing house are Pusha, Vitatha, and Grihakshat. 
  4. These three locations are known to bring wealth, good health, and prosperity to the house.
  5. In addition to the position of the door, ensure that the main entrance door is the largest door in the south facing home.
  6. By doing so, you will be welcoming positive cosmic energy and diverting negative energy.
  7. The entrance door must open inward and in a clockwise direction.
  8. Ensure that there is a threshold built in order to increase the positive vibes.
  9. It is very essential that the south facing entrance vastu should be checked well before the construction commences or before buying the house.

The placing of water tanks, washrooms and septic tanks ;

  1. These water elements are part of every home, and their placement is very important in a south facing plot vastu home buyers need to be aware of this.
  2. Usually, the water tanks are placed underground and right in front of the house.
  3. Particularly, it is very good for a north facing house vastu plan.
  4. But for a south facing house, it is a must to ensure that there are no underground structures.
  5. No kind of water element should be placed in front of the house. Not even a small tap, as it may cause disasters such as astounding financial losses.
  6. Washrooms need to be situated in the North-west direction of the south facing home.
  7. It is suggested that you make appointments with Vastu experts for vastu tips for home to avoid tragedies.

Vastu for a south facing kitchen

  1. If the kitchen is placed to the South-East of the house, you must cook facing east.
  2. This placement should be kept in mind and checked by first time home buyers.
  3. The South-East direction perfectly balances the fire and the water.
  4. A southeast kitchen brings health and prosperity to the members of the home.
  5. An east facing house vastu plan mostly has its kitchen placed in the south as it is ruled over by fire.

South facing house vastu plan with pooja room

  1. A puja room holds a special place in everyone’s heart.
  2. A south facing house should have its puja room situated in the North-East corner of the house or in the west direction.
  3. Similarly an east facing house vastu plan has its kitchen in the south direction.
  4. Beside the placement, there are a few vital factors that are to be considered while constructing a south facing house vastu plan with pooja room.
  5. The mandir in the puja room needs to be made of fine wood materials and not any kind of metal or stone material.
  6. The utensils used for puja need to be made of copper or brass materials; strictly avoid silver utensils.
  7. The walls shouldn’t be commonly shared between the puja room and washrooms or wash areas.
  8. Never build a puja room under a staircase.


If you are someone who wants to buy a south facing home, then you do not need to worry. There are many remedies and south facing house vastu tips for homes.

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